If you need a powerful hosting solution for your Internet sites, you will need a standalone hosting server as a shared web hosting plan may not be equipped to handle the load or you could simply need some software to be present on the web server. While a shared server is managed by the host company, this isn't the case with a virtual or a dedicated hosting server, so you'll have to handle various tasks which include keeping a backup of your content or the installation of software. This could be a problem if you don't have much experience or you simply don't have time to take care of such issues. For this type of cases we offer a Managed Services upgrade, which includes a number of tasks our system administrators can perform for you, saving you the time and the trouble to do them yourself. This upgrade will permit you to start and maintain an effective online presence and you'll be able to focus on developing your websites instead of handling small boring tasks.

Managed Services Package in VPS Web Hosting

You can get the Managed Services upgrade for any of our virtual private server plans either during the signup process or later on via your billing account if you need it. You can also pick if you shall do this only once and not renew the upgrade the next month or if you shall employ the service for as long as you employ the virtual private server given that a wide range of things are included. For instance, if you install some software on the server and something breaks down, we will be able to restore everything the way it was because the Managed Services pack comes with conventional backups of the whole virtual private server. Furthermore, our admins will monitor the machine and the processes going on it, so they could restart it when necessary. They'll also set up any third-party program you need or troubleshoot a script application which doesn't work properly. They'll also make sure that your virtual private server performs as efficiently as possible as they will update the OS with the latest security updates that are released.

Managed Services Package in Dedicated Servers Hosting

We offer the Managed Services upgrade with all our Linux dedicated servers hosting and if you make a decision that you need it, you could add it on the order page or via your billing area with only several clicks. You could also pick if you'll use it just once or for a considerable amount of time since it won't be locked to your dedicated server plan. The Managed Services upgrade comes with fifty gigabytes of backup space to make certain that we can restore any important data you may have in the event that anything fails, 24/7 server tracking and restarting if needed, OS updates to guarantee the risk-free and stable performance of your Internet sites as well as installing and troubleshooting any third-party program you want to use on the machine. You'll be able to save a reasonable amount of time and efforts with this upgrade since you shall receive timely assistance from our experienced system administrators each time you need it.